Workforce Engagement


Improve performance and industry compliance. Use real-time and historical data to see areas of excellence and improvements needed. Record interactions, monitor calls, analyze the voice of the customer, manage quality, balance workloads, automate coaching, and more.

Maximize the value of each customer interaction and create a thoroughly trained and productive workforce by recording, monitoring, and analyzing experiences. Deliver more responsive, personalized, and consistent service that exceeds expectations.

Key Benefits

Hear and Act on the Voice of the Customer


Improve Customer Experience from the Inside Out


Transform Your Contact Center into a Critical….

Go beyound listening by actionably using voice of the customer insights to fuel consistent innovation. Securely capture, analyze and store interactions to improve market positioningm, quality of service, and customer appeal.


Nearly half of organizations cite “lack of internal knowledge” as a key barrier to workforce optimization. Improve the quality of customer interactions with evaluations, automated coaching, scoreboard assessments, customer feedback, voice analytics and more.


Seamlessly share customer insights enterprise-wide to identify disruptive opportunities and overcome barries to success. Enable your entire organization to make better day-to-day and strategic deicisions.


Products information

Workforce Management

- Plan, forecast, and schedule employees to match workloads.
- Identify time-off opportunities and provide employees with schedules they prefer.

Advanced Voice of the Customer Insights

- Automatically surface insights from thousands-even millions-of recorded calls to act quickly and intelligently.
- Increase first contact resolutions by delivering the right knowledge to the right person at the right time.

Data Collection and Analytics

- Reveal essential insights for pinpointing cost drivers, trends, and opportunities.
- Understand how your offerings are perceived by the market to innovate and improve.
- Automate quality assurance processes for up to 100% of calls, freeing staff to coach employees.

Security and Compliance

- Monitor every call for internal and external violations by detecting irregularities like missed identity verifications or disclosure failures.
- Tools for meeting compliance objective with regulatory mandates such as PCI, GDPR, and MiFID II.