Agent Desktop


Make your agents’ day and change your customer experience forever. An empowered agent is one who’s working with an easy view of all customer info and the ability to manage all digital channels. Every agent sees the big picture and handoffs are a breeze.

Even the best agent is stifled by ineffective workplace tools. Change the game with a consolidated desktop view of customer information and streamlined management of digital channels and devices. Turn every interaction with a customer into a brand-building success.

Key Benefits

Redefine the Agent Experience


Stay 10 Steps Ahead


Improve Responsiveness and Productivity

Empower agents to deliver experiences that matter with actionable, relevant data via an integrated, easy-to-use desktop interface. Support more intelligent interactions that drive sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.


A 360-degree view of the end-to-end journey gives agents visibility into what customers want before they know themselves. Simplify and satisfy with acticipatory engagement while empowering agents to make better becisions across key customer touchpoints.


Eliminate disjointed experiences by ensuring agents have the right desktop tools to do the job. Avoid time-consuming screen switching, look-ups, and manual processes by providing fast access to the right information at the right time- all within one simple desktop app.

Products information

Avaya IX workspaces

- Use advanced desktop analytics across the entire customer journey.
- Improve agent productivity, customer responsiveness, and the overall customer experience.
- Easily add to your existing contact center infrastructure.

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CRM Desktop

- Seamlessly connect your CRM to your on-premises or cloud contact center.
- Maximize each customer’s lifetime value by combining key CRM insights with the contact center.

Avaya Softphone

- Provide agents with a feature-rich, hight-quality VoIP softphone solution across locations, platforms, and devices.
- Reduce CAPEX costs while providing agents with the information, accessibility, and advanced communications they need.

Client SDK

- Quickly build innovative user experiences for UC and contact center applications.
- Modify on-the-fly to adapt and optimize your strategy.