Ethernet Access Devices and Routers


RAD’s Ethernet Access devices and routers allow service providers to increase their revenues and lower their TCO when deploying SLA-based Carrier Ethernet services with a rich portfolio of service demarcation devices and aggregation platforms.

MEF CE 2.0-certified, these devices are powered by a comprehensive service assured access toolset, featuring such capabilities as:

  • Zero-touch deployment and service turn up
  • Traffic management
  • Timing over packet synchronization
  • TDM over Packet
  • Performance monitoring, fault management, and resiliency
  • Consistent service over fiber, TDM, or DSL


The line of next-generation IP and Carrier Ethernet NID/NTUs offers advanced demarcation for SLA-based business services, wholesale services and mobile backhaul. It MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access services, as well as delivering TDM pseudowire over packet networks.

Supporting high capacity service provisioning per EVC/EVC.CoS, flexible classification and H-QoS traffic management, it also performs accurate and scalable service testing and performance monitoring.

It is supported by RADview management and enables a variety of protection mechanisms. It also offers NEBS-compliant and environmentally hardened enclosure options


IP and Carrier Ethernet Demarcation with D-NFV

Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access solutions, the ETX-2i line of next-generation NID/NTUs and Ethernet demarcation device options enables advanced demarcation for SLA-based, L2 and L3 business services, wholesale services and mobile backhaul. The ETX-2i offers a variety of Ethernet network products supporting 1-GbE, 10-GbE (10GB Ethernet) and 100-GbE connections.

The ETX-2i also serves as a Universal CPE (uCPE), Whitebox+, which enhances a pluggable x86 server module with plug ware to enable superior performance for vCPE applications. It is supported by RADview management and orchestration.


The ETX-2i features an x86-based D-NFV module for hosting virtual functions (VFs) and applications. The D-NFV module runs on vCPE-OS, which includes standard KVM hypervisor compute node to support third-party applications. RADview Domain Orchestrator enables easy VF download.

Supported applications include:

  • SD-WAN: Software-defined control of WAN connections with secure overlay tunnels for business services
  • Router :Virtual router for hosted public clouds and branch CPE deployments
  • Cryptography: Standard AES 256-bit cipher encryption/decryption of L2-L4 traffic
  • Firewall: Virtual firewall and router for hosted public clouds and branch CPE deployments with unified threat management
  • Session Border Controller (SBC): Manages VoIP signaling and media flows
  • Packet Analyzer: Troubleshooting on demand from the customer edge using a packet sniffer VF
  • WAN Optimization: Eliminates content duplication, handles compression and optimizes latency and check out our D-NFV Alliance page to learn more, or contact your local RAD distributor for additional/new application information.

ETX-2i: IP and Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device with D-NFV

Available as a modular demarcation device, the ETX-2i enables operators to deliver the most advanced Carrier Ethernet services, IP VPNs and vCPE functionalities over any network connection. In addition, the ETX-2i combines advanced timing functionalities for LTE/LTE-A.

• Up to eight GbE combo ports
• Integrated wire-speed switch/router
• Modular network interfaces: FE/GbE (combo), E1/T1, T3, VDSL2, or SHDSL
• Flexible synchronization offering Sync-E, IEEE 1588v2 slave, BC and TC for frequency and phase synchronization in mobile networks
• Hot-pluggable x86 D-NFV server module for hosting virtual functions
• NEBS-compliant and environmentally hardened enclosure options
• 3U devise with six GbE combo ports and 64 x E1/T1, offering high scale, cost-effective TDM over packet services

ETX-2i-100G: 100 GbE Carrier Ethernet Demarcation

ETX-2i-100G delivers the full suite of Carrier Ethernet demarcation and aggregation capabilities, at 100 GbE rates. ETX-2i-100G addresses the increasing demand for high bandwidth access to data centers while maintaining MEF CE 2.0 SLAs, service monitoring, flexibility, and management.

• 19”, 1RU with redundant power supply
• Three 100-GbE (QSFP28) interfaces and 10 1/10 GbE SFP+ ports
• Advanced QoS with hierarchical policing and bandwidth shaping per EVC and EVC.CoS
• Accurate and scalable hardware based OAM and performance monitoring per ITU-T Y.1731 and TWAMP
• Y.1564 service activation testing at wire-speed


Carrier Ethernet Device with LTE/Broadband Connectivity

• Five FE/GbE ports with flexible selection of SFP and copper interfaces
• Optional built-in LTE modem with global service coverage
• Secure EVC tunneling over private IP/LTE networks or over the internet
• Full suite of MEF CE-2.0 capabilities for SLA monitoring, diagnostics and fault detection
• Data and management protection using LTE or broadband
• Integrated wide-range AC/DC power supply


PM Controller

Performance Monitoring Generator

The PM Controller is a high capacity, central generator for always-on performance monitoring (PM), on-demand testing, diagnostics and troubleshooting of mobile backhaul networks, as well as for premium Carrier Ethernet and IP business services.

Non-disruptive add-on for the best performance monitoring

The PM Controller uses a wide variety of standard tools to provide deep visibility into network and service performance and to ensure optimal quality of experience in LTE/LTE-A networks, typically characterized by rapid small-cell deployment. Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access offering, the PM Controller works opposite routers, switches, mobile base stations, or third-party responders, as well as opposite RAD’s ETX and MiNID NIDs. As a non-disruptive add-on, the PM Controller is an ideal solution for existing heterogeneous networks. It enables top line PM and testing in a dynamic environment regardless of the capabilities of the underlying installed base.

Quick Specs

  • Four FE/GbE combo ports
  • Monitors and troubleshoots backhaul performance
  • Service activation tests (Y.1564) over L2/L3, opposite RAD devices or third-party responders
  • Continuous connectivity and service performance monitoring sessions using TWAMP, ICMP and UDP Echo
  • Connects to the RADview Performance Monitoring portal for SLA and quality of experience (VoLTE mean opinion score) reporting with aggregated and drill-down views per PM session.