Plugware and SFPs


RAD’s pluggable physical network functions (P-PNFs) and smart SFPs upgrade any white box, switch and router with much needed, yet missing, functionalities.

They eliminate the cost and operational complexity of standalone appliance deployments, including space, power and cabling requirements. RAD’s unique pluggable devices provide exceptional value to service providers and network operators, by adding critical capabilities to their existing installed base. 

These include, among others:

• Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP performance monitoring, service activation testing
• 1588 timing synchronization for LTE/LTE-A and 5G
• Ethernet over TDM service delivery
• TDM pseudowire over packet


1588 Grandmaster on an SFP with Built-In GNSS

RAD’s MiCLK® is the world’s first Grandmaster on an SFP, allowing easy upgrades for existing base stations and backhaul equipment to support IEEE 1588 for LTE/LTE-A and future 5G deployments

Quick Specs

• Fully-featured standard IEEE 1588 Grandmaster including phase/Time of Day (ToD) to meet stringent LTE Advanced requirements
• Built-in GNSS receiver
• Robust GNSS backup – time holdover when GNSS reception is lost, using Sync-E or 1588 frequency reference from the network (Assisted Partial Timing Support) to deliver continuous and accurate synchronization to the base station
• The miniature pluggable device fits in any standard SFP port
• The scalable solution supports over 256 slaves
• Part of RAD’s vCPE offering


Flexible virtualization of business CPE functionalities across access, aggregation and core domains.



Miniature Programmable Network Interface Device

MiNID® is a field-programmable miniature L2/L3 network interface device (NID) available in a variety of form factors.


Quick Specs


The MiNID SFP is easily pluggable into SFP ports of switches and routers and eliminates the need for standalone demarcation devices. It delivers substantial OpEx savings by eliminating additional power, space, and cabling expenses.
• Plug-and-play installation
• Fits small cells, macro cells, switches, routers, DSLAMs, COTS servers and more
• Variety of optical options
• LC connectors
• Extended temperature range

MiNID Sleeve

The MiNID Sleeve is easily pluggable into SFP ports of switches and routers and seamlessly hosts standard FE and GbE SFP modules.
• Compatible with standard fiber and copper SFPs in a variety of ranges
• Reduces inventory by reusing existing SFPs

MiNID Standalone

The MiNID is also available in a miniature standalone enclosure, with a variety of user and network port options for maximum interface flexibility. Optional bypass-relay functionality ensures fail-safe operation and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support eliminates the need for an additional power supply.
• Two ports with flexible user or network functionalities
• Combo ports automatically select between fiber and copper/RJ-45
• Internal bypass relay for copper interfaces offers service continuity in the event of power failure
• Bypass PoE enables powering both the MiNID and the end device

MiNID Standalone for Outdoor Installations

For outdoor installations, the MiNID Standalone is also available in a hardened enclosure.
• No fans
• Wall and pole mount included
• Extended temperature range
• SFP interfaces
• Fits outdoor installations (IP65)