LTM – Local Traffic Manager

This is the most important module of the BigIP, it makes the task of load balancing for multiple applications Servers such as FTP, HTTP, SharePoint, Oracle Forms, ... This feature increases the likelihood of high availability for applications running on the network, and if the load balancing servers behind it there is a problem it can be easily replaced and upgraded. With the ability to monitor the status and the amount traffic of each application, LTM will load balance more effectively than conventional clustering technology on the server. Clustering technologies are just checking availability at the network layer / IP so apps on the server may have been down, but from the user request to the server has been forwarded to the LTM, this problem has been solved. In addition to financial balance, LTM supports access acceleration to offload application server load to increase server performance while security outside the LTM for core network applications through proxy TMOS full-IP header and identified payer load control to every bite / byte before sending requests to the user's application.