ASM - Application Security Manager

Module firewall is an application-layer protection for Web applications integrated into a new generation. It does not simply protect the WEB, WEB applications for next-generation integrated multi-component complex applications Oracle Database, My SQL, Informix, Java, CSS, AJAX, ASP,. NET ... Because firewalls or common network IDS / IPS only block by Port IP range network services and applications so via Port 80 is allowed to pass through. But also through a variety of techniques such as SQL Hacking request form, CookiePoinsoning, Hidenfield attack, Web defacement ... F5 ASM can mix up blocking application attacks at Layer 7, HTTPS traffic can be offloaded and decrypted on the ASM to help secure traffic and scan before sending to the server. Usually without ASM HTTPS encrypts the information and send it straight to the server firewall and IPS will not intervene directly into HTTPS traffic.