Waveserver Family


Waveserver Ai

Combining scale, power, and density for DCI

Waveserver® Ai is designed to address evolving density and power requirements for ultra-high-capacity interconnect applications. It features the simplicity and ease of deployment that Wave server products are known for. Waveserver Ai’s modular architecture offers both rack-and-stack simplicities, as well as pay-as-you, grow scalability. And because it incorporates Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent optical technology, it delivers the scalability required to satisfy the largest interconnect requirements—from the metro to ultra-long-haul distances.

Why Wave server Ai?

Waveserver Ai is built to offer a simple, server-like deployment and operational model. Intuitive to install and easy to operate, it allows customers to manage the platform in a way that fits with their operations—through Ciena’s rich management software—Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP)—or directly through its open APIs.

More efficiently scale networks. Generate more revenue using a single compact platform. Reduce transport costs on high-capacity interconnect links. Waveserver Ai gives you the freedom to focus on growing your core business rather than wasting effort on complex operations and integration.




Waveserver was created to provide a server-like experience for web-scale applications. It provides simple, scalable metro DCI in a rack-and-stack 1RU form-factor. Its design combines two key principles: best-in-class coherent technology and web-scale IT. It also incorporates WaveLogic 3 Extreme coherent optical processors to increase transport capacity and scalability, as well as to enable 400G of wire-speed encryption capacity.

Why Waveserver?
Waveserver® provides unmatched WaveLogic 3 Extreme performance, reduced cost per bit per kilometer, simplified operations via a web-scale operational model, and smarter software and analytics.