WaveLogic is leading the way in coherent technology.

What do you get when you combine market-leading coherent optics with proven encryption technology on Ciena’s flagship 6500 Packet-Optical Platform? The industry’s first coherent 100G/200G optical encryption solution.

WaveLogic Encryption is a simple-to-implement in-flight data protection solution with advanced security capabilities. This solution leverages the unmatched performance and programmability of Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset to efficiently meet all of your infrastructure needs. WaveLogic Encryption extends to Ciena’s Waveserver enabling 400G of wire-speed encryption capacity in 1RU for simple, secure, rack-and-stack web-scale DCI applications.

WaveLogic Coherent Optics

Our WaveLogic coherent optics are deployed across our optical and packet networking products to power 100G-800G solutions driving scalablity, intelligence, and programmability—critical elements of the Adaptive Network™.


WaveLogic 5 Extreme

  • Optimize capacity across any path with programmable capacity from 200G to 800G in 50G increments.
  • Realize 50% more capacity per wavelength and up to 20% higher spectral efficiency over competing solutions.
  • Facilitate the evolution to 400G-interface routers, with the ability to efficiently transport 400GbE connectivity across any distance, from across the metro to across the Pacific.

WaveLogic 5 Nano

  • Extended-temperature, standards-based optical modules for access applications
  • Compact coherent optics with seamless photonic layer integration for metro/regional applications
  • Standalone coherent pluggable for 400ZR applications

Optical Microsystems

Ciena’s Optical Microsystems portfolio brings the performance, scale, and reliability benefits of WaveLogic coherent technology to standalone, compact pluggable and modular products


WaveLogic 5


Maximize capacity and facilitate automation with tunable bandwidth from 200G to 800G. Evolve to 400G-interface routers with efficient 400GbE client connect across any distance—from short reach metro to long-haul to across the Pacific. Enable innovative applications by extending WaveLogic benefits to new applications.

WaveLogic Ai

Address unpredictable bandwidth demands with a single hardware module that can optimize capacity across any path and flexibly move bandwidth where you need it. With tunable capacity from 100G-400G, you can double the capacity per wavelength across applications versus 100G/200G solutions, increase network efficiency and reduce cost per bit.


WaveLogic Photonics

WaveLogic Photonics is Ciena’s fully instrumented, intelligent photonic system comprising WaveLogic coherent optics and flexible line elements that combine with embedded and discrete software tools to offer superior automation, control, and visibility of optical networks.