EagleEye Cameras



Poly EagleEye Mini

The EagleEye Mini USB camera completes your Poly audio experience by bringing business-class HD Video to personal and small room environments, adding crisp, clear video to the exceptional audio of the Trio 8800 and Trio 8500, VoxBox, and VVX 501/601 for a complete audio and video experience.
• High-definition 1080p60 capture with true color hue saturation and brightness for the most accurate color rendition and life-like images
• 4x electronic zoom and a 74-degree field of view
• Simulcast video stream
• Installs in seconds – no drivers needed.

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Poly EagleEye Acoustic

Conference room camera with incredible audio and video quality in a small, convenient package.
• Sharp HD video quality up to 1080p30
• Auto-focus camera with 2x digital zoom ensures everyone looks perfect in the room
• Uses Poly HDCI interface for direct connection to the video system
• Power indicators on the front of the camera allows users to see the status of the camera
• Powerful stereo internal microphones for small room voice pickup simplifies installation eliminating the need for external microphones.

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Poly EagleEye Cube

The advanced HD camera with intelligent group framing, 5x zoom and legendary audio performance that turns passive meetings in small spaces into powerful experiences. This camera is the ideal visual complement to Poly G7500, Poly Trio and Group Series conferencing systems.
• HD camera with 4k sensor for better up-close views with 5x zoom
• Automatic group framing or speaker tracking with a 120-degree field of view so people can sit where they want
• Simple single-cable connection to Poly video solutions
• Two built-in microphones for crystal-clear pickup
• Premium optics and accurate color reproduction deliver true-to-life visuals
• Flexible, easy installation and centralized management make this camera a breeze for IT.

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Poly EagleEye IV Camera

The Poly® EagleEye™ IV 4x and 12x cameras are specifically designed for the Poly RealPresence Group Series video conferencing systems. With a completely digital sensor to capture incredible detail, these cameras also have a wide field of view. Flexible enough to use in any room environment, this telepresence camera can be used in either a small huddle room or a large boardroom.
• High-definition capture of up to 1080p60
• 12x or 4x zoom options available, with 180-degree panning - radius – a perfect fit for different environments and applications
• A 65-degree-wide viewing angle, expandable to 85-degrees with the optional wide angle lens adapter
• With the optional Polycom EagleEye Digital Extender, the cameras can be mounted up to 330 feet away from the video system.

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Poly EagleEye IV USB

Poly EagleEye IV USB delivers a premium HD video conferencing experience with pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom capability. This conference room camera is suitable for medium and large meeting spaces when utilized with Poly Trio™ 8800.
• Incredible details and natural colors in full 1080p60
• 12x optical zoom and wide viewing range with pan and tilt provide extra coverage without loss in quality
• Easy to install, USB connectivity
• USB connection to Poly Trio Visual+ Accessory, MSR Dock, or other Skype Room System Docks.

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Poly EagleEye Producer

EagleEye Producer changes the face of video collaboration through automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants.
• High-definition capture of up to 1080p60
• Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, giving users an affordable telepresence experience without manual intervention
• Continually monitors room activity, automatically frames participants, and provides powerful analytical data.

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Poly EagleEye Director II

EagleEye Director II takes video conferencing and conference room web cameras to the next level, with people tracking technology as it automatically zooms in on an active speaker without the use of a remote control or camera presets.

• High-definition capture of up to 1080p60
• Automatic people-tracking technology eliminates the need for manual camera operation and zooms in on active speakers, making for a more personal and productive experience
• See multiple angles of the room with Cascading Mode, for more natural and immersive meetings.

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