Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention


NICE Real-Time Authentication (RTA) provides end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centers. Based on voice biometrics, it automatically verifies the caller’s claimed identity within the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent. Leveraging its unique Single Voiceprint capability, RTA uses the same voiceprint across channels, allowing effortless authentication in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or mobile application as well.Combining voice biometrics with additional authentication factors, RTA offers risk-based authentication across multiple channels. It improves the level of security, reduces operational costs, and the best thing is – consumers don’t even notice it!

Whether a consumer calls the IVR, completes an action using a mobile app or speaks to an agent, RTA verifies his voice, phone number and device in the background, without interrupting the interaction. Focused on contact center call flows, it supports complex call scenarios such as ‘on behalf calls’, multiple beneficiariesand others, Organizations using RTA don’t need to worry about selecting the right authentication factor – they get all of them in one solution which automatically applies the right factor(s), at the right time.

Key benefits

•  Top security - Lets the ’good guys‘ in and keeps the ’bad guys’ out
•  Real-time fraud prevention - exposes fraudsters and blocks them in real-time
•  Unparalleled CX - Zero customer effort
•  Operational efficiency - Optimizes authentication costs, allows containing more calls in self-service and reduces AHT