Poly Studio is now certified by Zoom



“Best of both worlds” is the phrase we hear a lot when people use Poly hardware with Zoom cloud-based video conferencing. Now, Zoom has certified Poly Studio, the premium USB video bar for huddle rooms, for Zoom Rooms! Poly Studio and Zoom Rooms have come together to create the highest quality voice and video in an easy-to-use package.

“Zoom is pleased to certify Poly’s Studio solution to deliver an outstanding audio and video experience for Zoom customers in the huddle and small meeting rooms that is easy to use, deploy, and manage, “said Oded Gal, head of product management for Zoom.

Zooming in on Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms have grown exponentially more popular in recent years, to that point that meetings will represent almost 70% percent of all video conferencing room meetings by 2022, according to Frost and Sullivan analyst research. Poly and Zoom are laser-focused on bringing simplicity, ease of use, and incredible experiences to those huddle rooms.

Premium Experience in Zoom Rooms

Plug the Poly Studio into your laptop or PC and Zoom becomes an even richer experience. One-touch join starts a Zoom meeting from a Poly Studio directly from a user’s calendar, and the audio and video features of Studio come to life. Zoom Rooms meeting participants will:

  • Experience meetings like they’re there in person. It’s hard to form the authentic human connections needed to truly collaborate when the conference audio and video are lacking. Poly Studio was developed through decades of audio science to deliver the best audio quality in its class. HD video with 4K resolution captures visual details, such as your colleagues’ facial expressions, for a truly engaging meeting experience that mimics in-person interactions.
  • Become immune to noise distractions. Intelligent features like Poly Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock automatically mute and remove distracting background noises and other unwanted sounds from the meeting. Welcome to interruption-free Zoom Rooms, where ideas, not disturbances, get all the attention.
  • Ensure an engaging experience for those on the other end of the call. Why should those inside the Zoom Rooms have all the fun? Poly Studio’s auto-tracking camera follows the active speaker ensuring far-end participants can follow the conversation, then automatically frames the group for a wider shot.

You may remember last year when we brought our mutual customers the ability to use Zoom Rooms with a Poly Trio conference smart phone as the room controller. Things haven’t been the same since, as more customers are seeing and hearing how lifelike conference calls can be with the Poly-Zoom partnership.

With this much intelligence built into Poly Studio, paired with Zoom Room’s flawless collaboration platform, meetings can truly be better than the best. Learn more here.


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