SUN IVY celebrates 30 Years of Developtment in 2019


SUN IVY celebrates 30 Years of Developtment in 2019

Vietnam, December 08, 2019 - SUN IVY has celebrate an event at Ha Noi City of 30th anniversary to commemorate the milestone and introduced achiverements for 30 Years.

“Happy, grateful and proud” are three words to express my emotion right now, said by SUN IVY President, Albert Yeh. "Today, after 30 years since the founding of SUN IVY, I have this precious opportunity to stand on this stage to share all of my thoughts and feelings. For me, SUN IVY is not only 30 years of development but also my youth, my passion and my time to work with friends, colleagues who were beside me in the very early hard days of startup in Vietnam."

Albert Yeh President on stage to talk about important factors that make up SUN IVY’s achievements today. "It is you, the more than 100 great employees who have worked very hard and devoted to SUN IVY. Without you, there can't be a strong SUN IVY like today. Without your family’s support, there can’t be SUN IVY with enthusiastic and working hard members. Without you - the strategic partners, Sun Ivy cannot have a large number of customers like today. By our enthusiasm and devotion, we, the first generation hope that SUN IVY will develop into a stronger and sustainable company and it will all depend on the young members like you."

The President also say thank you to all current and past employees of SUN IVY, who have greatly contributed to make SUN IVY's success. He strongly believes that the values and spirit created by the SUN IVY’s members will always be preserved in their heart as a respectable milestone.

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