Polycom VisualBoard and UC Board



Natural whiteboard collaboration experience for Polycom RealPresence Group Series environments

Expressing spontaneous ideas during a meeting is important in any organization. However, being able to do so easily and naturally in a videoconference has been elusive…until now. 

With Polycom room video solutions, video conference participants have a variety of ways to collaborate using either the built-in whiteboarding software on the HDX and Group Series or through our first-of-its-kind Polycom UC Board. With the Polycom software solution, users collaborate across multiple locations with nothing more than a mouse or select touch screen monitors. Alternatively, the Polycom UC Board increases productivity and interactions among remote sites by enabling users to simply pick up a pen and freely share ideas on either a standard wall-mounted whiteboard or monitor.

The Polycom Whiteboarding Solutions offer: 

Ease of use – UC Board works the moment the stylus touches the writing surface, requiring absolutely no technical skill or training to operate. For those at a desktop, lectern or without a UC Board can share and annotate over content by simply plugging in a mouse or touch screen monitor into the HDX or Group Series to start collaborating with or without a UC Board.

Cost effectiveness – Polycom whiteboard solutions provide HD video whiteboarding at a fraction of the cost by leveraging your existing Polycom investments and the whiteboards you already own with software that is already included in your system.

Collaborative productivity – With this elegant and cost-effective solution, remote participants can now easily see whiteboard content during videoconferences and can engage in the conversation as if they were in the same room.

Intuitive, familiar components – UC Board combines a compact infrared sensor that attaches to a whiteboard or monitor and a wireless stylus that meeting hosts can use to sketch, write and annotate just as they would with any pen or marker.

Ease of installation – Set up and use UC Board in minutes thanks to a standard USB connection to the Polycom RealPresence Group or HDX system. No more opening multiple applications or hunting for extra hardware, simply plug-in a mouse and double click, it is that easy.

Technical Overview


For UC Board 

Group Series 300, 500 or 700 (Requires Group Series 4.1.3 or higher)

HDX 9000 Rev B Hardware

HDX 8000 Rev B Hardware

HDX 7000 Rev C Hardware

Requires HDX 3.0.3 or higher (not included)

Dual monitors required

For Active Touch, Mouse Presentation Capabilities and Multi-site Collaboration

Group Series 300, 500 or 700 (Requires Group Series 4.1.3 or higher)

HDX 9000 Rev B Hardware

HDX 8000 Rev B Hardware

HDX 7000 Rev C Hardware

HDX 4500

Requires HDX 3.1 or higher (not included)

For a list of touch monitors supported with RealPresence Group and a list of touch monitors supported with HDX, please see the VisualBoard User's Guides located within the RealPresence Group and HDX sections of the Polycom support site.