Poly studio Solution



Designed for small spaces, Poly Studio takes the frustration out of the typical huddle room video conference and replaces it with user-friendly experiences. Teams hear calls like they’re meeting in person with the best audio quality and voice clarity in its class. They also experience a new level of a meeting engagement, with automatic camera tracking that zooms in on the conference participant who is speaking.

Many video conferences today are frustrating DIY experiences that result in lousy audio and video that don’t allow teams to see and hear everyone clearly.

Poly Studio eliminates that frustration. Simple USB plug-and-play connectivity keeps technology in the background and provides a business-class solution to small room users. It just works!


Best In-class Audio

Instead of wondering if you’ve been understood, every meeting attendee will know they’ve been heard.

• Poly Studio soundbar ensures clear, high-fidelity stereo audio that accurately re-produces voices in a way that you’d only expect from more expensive solutions.
• Robust group audio conferencing with Bluetooth speaker pairing for your mobile phone

Dynamic Video Experience

If you’ve ever attended a video conference where it was hard to pinpoint who’s speaking, welcome to a more connected experience with an HD video conferencing camera that doesn’t require user intervention.

• Our exclusive speaker tracking technology intelligently focuses on the person talking – even if they move around the room.
• Our smart group framing automatically shows everyone clearly more engaging conversations
• Always be seen clearly with 4K resolution, 5x electronic zoom, and a wide 120-degree field of view with advanced correction technology to minimize distortion at the edges.

No Distractions

Background noise that overrides whoever is speaking results in meeting distractions and stops the flow of conversation to ask everyone to go on mute.

• Our patented NoiseBlock technology silences those distractions
• Our patented Acoustic Fence technology keeps outside voices from interrupting your conversation.

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