About CGS Tower Networks


CGS Tower Networks and its industry partners offer unique network design services that will help you maximize the return on your network and application investments while reducing cost and complexity.

Leadership & innovation

CGS Tower Networks was founded in 2014 and is managed by industry veterans with an outstanding track record of success in introducing innovative and superior products and services to the market. We are the only company that provides high-end network visibility solutions that leverage industry-leading hardware platforms, resulting in superior performance, reliability, scalability, and TCO.
CGS Tower Networks provides superior next-generation network visibility solutions that enable and empower Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and monitoring tools while reducing cost and complexity. We optimize the tools layer by providing them with full network visibility and eliminating network bottlenecks to ensure maximum performance and benefits.


CGS Tower Networks provides unique benefits to multiple vertical markets. The solution can be deployed in a phased approach, by leveraging the modular architecture, according to the requirements and budget constraints.